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A Tail We Could Wag Dog Collars and Leads

These colourful, top quality hand-woven collars and leads are created by women in Guatemala using traditional weaving skills and designs.

A Tail We Could Wag takes the Mayan’s hand woven weave to make these beautiful collars and leads, so creating uncompromising quality and craftsmanship, delivering durable, colourfast, beautiful hand woven collars that last for years.

Each collar is most definitely a work of art and can be proudly worn by your dog and enjoyed by you.

I was amazed at the designs and colours!

These collars are not only a comfortable colourful work of art but are designed to withstand the wear and tear of any activity, be it a country or forest walk, swimming, rolling around on the beach or just general doggy rough and tumble.

Your dog will stand out wearing one of these beautiful collars, there is nothing ordinary or dull about them.

Colourful Style and Durability makes these hand woven collars truly unique!

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