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April Showers and Wet Mucky Dog Walks

April showers and mucky dog walks

Doggie raincoats, car seat covers and all things helpful to beat those April showers!

The team at Care4dogsonthego love living and working in Cornwall because it’s a great, doggie-friendly place to be.  But sadly, the sun doesn’t shine every day, and though it’s milder than other parts of the country, there are days when it can just chuck it down and you’ve got soggy doggies on your hands, in your lap or rolling all over your car seats.  So, we’d like to share with you some of our favourite products for beating the mud and keeping your boys and girls dry!

Raincoats galore!

Puppia raincoat for small dogs

Cute bright raincoats for tiny dogs

Very handy and easily packed in a shoulder bag are the Puppia Reversible Rain Macs. These are great 100% waterproof coats for our little dogs. They are fun, very cute and we tend to use them when out in town and caught in a shower.  The hoods are removable but do make us smile. The bright colours are a plus – no-one’s going step on Bertie when he’s dressed in bright shiny yellow!

For walking in good old Cornish rain, we use the Puppia Base Rain Coats for Smaller Dogs.  These are really well made, great value coats which are perfect for the UK climate.  Little smooth-haired Bertie hates the rain, but there’s no peace in the house if he doesn’t get out for a run, so out we all go whatever the weather. The Base Coat has some features we like – the built-in lead access slit and the reflective tape for darker evenings.  It has an adjustable hood and bottom to make sure you get a snug fit – important when the wind is gusting as it so often is here in Cornwall.  The Base comes in a great range of sizes and colours. Our Puggle Bonnie is totally comfortable in her XXL Red and it does help us keep track of her in the woods (Anyone with a Puggle or Beagle will know what we mean!)

Ruffwear is well known for their tough, all-weather all-terrain dog gear.  My little pack’s big cousins, Sammy and Nina, live on a farm and are always off on mega-walks on the moors and along the coastal footpath. Their mum has had her Ruffwear Cloud Chaser Dog Jacket for the last three years and finds them brilliant.

Ruffwear dog coat

Ruffwear dog coats go anywhere!

She said, ‘You might think big dogs don’t need waterproof coats, but believe me, these coats save them getting soaked, keeps the mud off their chests and means they dry off much more quickly in the car.  They’re not restrictive and they help visibility if we have to do a road section on our route.’

Ruffwear Sunshower Waterproof Dog Rain Jacket

Sunshower Waterproof Dog Rain Jacket does the job for this little chap!


Another good rain jacket for dogs of all sizes is the Sun Shower Waterproof Dog Rain Jackets.  Breathable, lightweight ,with storm collar to protect your doggie from coldwinds.  This jacket comes in an assortment of lovely bright colours which makes it much easier to spot your dog when off lead.

Keeping the car clean – yes, really, it can be done!

For years, I have made do with old towels, but let’s face it, dogs can play havoc with your car’s interior and cause an amount of household friction!  Never mind the apologies to friends when they get covered in dog hair or have to sniff delightful doggie fragrances. Now we’re in the business, cars belonging to our friends and family have every seat protection going and it’s bliss!

Kurgo Co-pilot Seat Cover

Co-pilot in position waiting to go!

For all those sweeties who just insist on sitting in the front seat – we know they’re out there – there is the Kurgo Co Pilot Bucket Seat Cover. It’s a practical front car seat protector with storage pockets.  We just love the name too –  do you have a Co Pilot in your life?

Another very sensible back seat protection option is the Kurgo Bench Seat Cover.

Kurgo Bench Seat Cover

Bench Seat Cover and dog just waiting for the mud!

It’s the perfect solution for all of us who’ve tried to save seats by using a towel or an old blanket that always rucks up, or a cheapie seat cover that doesn’t stay in place and is unpleasantly slippery.  It’s tough, waterproof, non-slip and easy to vac. It’s simple to attach, has got openings for seatbelt attachments, handy pockets for treats leads etc.  If you don’t have a rear crate or dog guard, or just like to have your pooch up close behind you then this car back seat protector is for you.  Also great for protecting your upholstery from lolly ices, chocolate, sweets and sticky drinks, when taking trips out with the children!

Kurgo Wander Hammock

Kurgo’s deluxe car seat protection!


The ultimate in rear seat protection and the ideal for big, bouncy doggies must be the Kurgo Wander Hammock,  again another great product from the Kurgo range. This hammock hangs between your back and front seats, stopping your dogs sliding into the footwell. We think it’s cleverly designed – a zip allows it to be split to so a human passenger can sit on the back seat too.  Of course, it’s tough, waterproof and easily vac’ d wiped clean or washed.  It also protects the back of the front seats and footwell from hairs and doggie claws.  My neighbour’s spaniels, who are such mud-magnets, are contained perfectly by this bit of gear.

Doggy Soaps and Towels for Dirt Damage Limitation

Finally, we have some mud and rain beating kit we’d love to share with you.  The Dirty Dog Soap

has a great lavender scent and comes in a handy tin so it won’t spill or get knocked over or leak if you are travelling – all of which have happened to bottles of dog shampoo we’ve bought in the past!

Paw Plunger

Perfectly clean paws, Mum!

We do use a Paw Plunger paw cleaner. You might get some funny looks in the car park, but it does the job perfectly.  We always fill it with warm water (ahhh!) and it makes cleaning up after a muddy walk so much nicer.  A friend’s young rescue dog is terrified of water and hoses; she’s found a quick dip of his paws in the Paw Plunger and a distracting biscuit has been a great solution.

Doggy Bag towelling bag for dogs

A Doggy Bag contains this little (wet and muddy) bundle of fun pefectly!

New in stock and loving them, are our Doggy Bags. Yes, it’s a simple and perfect solution to the wet, dirty dog – pop them in a super-absorbent microfibre towelling dog bag and by the time you get home, your gorgeous girl or boy is dry and much cleaner!  Years ago I used to make these in bespoke sizes for all my dogs out of old towels. Now Doggy Bag are doing it for me – thank goodness!  Oh, and if one of your pack is so muddy they need a bath, then this is the bit of kit you need to stop that wild dash and shake into the living room!

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