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Best Bike Seats for Small Dogs 

Dogs + Bikes = Fun, Fun, Fun!

We took four fabulous bike products designed for carrying dogs on a test-ride with our little Beattie. If like us, you love the occasional bike ride and you’ve got small pooches, you’ll love these nifty bits of gear!

The Buddyrider Pet Bicycle Seat

White dog in bike buddy rider dog carrierWe were so impressed with the design and quality of this product when it arrived! The big advantage the Buddyrider has over other designs is that it allows to carry your dog in front of you, centrally mounted on the frame between you and the handlebars.
You can see your dog at all times, and the weight distribution means the rider has excellent control.

This bike seat comes with a mounting bracket or Receiver and fits almost any adult-sized bicycle. Its own built-in harness means your pooch travels safe and secure. You can buy additional receivers so that you can transfer dog and bike seat quickly to another bike mid-ride with no fuss or bother.

We used the Buddy booster cushion for little Beattie – it provides that that extra bit of comfort and security for small dogs. We have to say we loved the Buddyrider, and our adventurous girlie seemed a big fan too!

Verdict: Easy to fit, safe and stable, allows you to see your dog at all times. Makes for a much steadier ride, and can be easily fitted to another bike. 

The Dog Rider Bicycle Seat

The Dog Rider seat is a rear-mounted travel bicycle basket for dogs. First up, we fixed the Rider to the flat metal carrier over the back wheel of my bike. (These are really easy to pick up in all bike shops if you don’t already have one.)  This was simple to do – just a couple of straps to clip it in place – it took seconds. Beattie had her harness on so we could strap her in securely.  Like lots of small dogs, she’s happy being lifted and uses a Snoozer Booster Seat in the car, so there was no panic.

Our first little excursion had Dad trotting alongside with a comforting hand on her – he’s always protective of his little girlie!  But she took to it like a duck to water and she looked super comfortable in the cosy fleecy interior.  Riding behind, Dad could see she was having a ball – nose out, snuffing the wind. We thought the hi-vis reflective tape on the Rider makes a good additional safety feature if you were taking a trip on the road.

Beattie weighs about 6.5kg but the Rider can carry dogs weighing up to 10kgs, ideal for King Charles Cavaliers, Pugs, all terriers and even a small Beagle!  She was totally at home in the Rider dog seat and we would have happily planned a longer expedition using it.

Verdict: Easy to fit, safe and stable, roomy but no protection if it rains so pack a raincoat

The Snoozer Sporty Pet Bike Basket

We love all the Snoozer products, and this bike basket didn’t disappoint in its design.  We attached the Pet Bike Basket to the front handle bars with a couple of quick clips.  It has its own internal frame and stabiliser bar and felt nice and sturdy.  We think this is a great choice for little dogs weighing 2-6kgs, but some cyclists wouldn’t want a heavier dog in this position.

Beattie weighs in at 6.5kgs so we were happy she was a good size for the Basket.  Again, we put her in a harness and clipped her in. Having her in position on the handlebars was great – I could see where she was, whether she was enjoying the ride and also talk to her.

The Basket is water-resistant and has a neat rain cover.  We liked the fact that she could be covered up and stay warm and dry however long we were out. Other handy features were the side pockets and zipped sections for bags, lead, and treats.

Verdict: great for miniature and smaller dogs, good weather protection but front handlebar fit not for everyone







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