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Why Car Dog Booster seats are perfect for my little pack

Why Car Dog Booster seats are perfect for my little pack

We’ve tried a variety of travelling seat arrangements with all the dogs we’ve had over the years, but we are total converts to the Snoozer Booster seats for our three small dogs.  Currently, I have two car booster seats from Snoozer on the back seat for travelling around with Bonnie, a 8 year old Puggle, and siblings, Beattie and Bertie, 3 year old Chugs.

Booster seats to suit every dog personality

Comfort is key for Bonnie.  She has her own Snoozer Booster, as befits the leader of the pack.
Plus, my girl likes her own snuggly puggle space (she is a huge fan of the Snoozer Cave too).

Snoozer Booster seat for dogs

Puggle Bonnie enjoying the view from her booster seat

She cracks us up with her little old lady ways, leaning with a left front leg on the arm of the booster exactly as if she were settling down in a chintz armchair with a cup of tea and a digestive biscuit!  Its washable fleecy cover comes into its own when we have to get her home quick quick after she’s found some fox poo to roll in. Sadly, the beagle in her means this is frequent.

Many a walk I see my husband suddenly legging it towards Bonnie shouting ‘Noooooo!’.   He loves the dogs dearly but oh, does he hate this! Doggy wet wipes will limit the damage but the whole seat cover has to go in the machine as soon as we get home.  Luckily, they are quick drying.

Car booster seat

Bertie on the lookout between driver and passenger seats from his booster seat

Routine and calm is essential for Bertie.  This little boy is on guard all the time!  He’s a pocket-sized bundle of worry and indignation, always on the lookout for dogs that might have the cheek to be walking his pavements as we drive through the village.  So he always sits in booster seat pole position so that he can see between driver and passenger and look out of the front windscreen.  He rests his head on the front lip, as close to me as possible, happy in the knowledge he can see and will be the first to know what’s up.  Then there’s no whining or fussing – and a quiet Bertie is a quiet car. Anyone got one like that?

Snoozers allow small dogs to see

Little Beattie can’t wait for a walk!

Beattie is my clever, curious girlie.  She loves to see where we are going and what’s happening in the world.  She shares a Snoozer Lookout with her brother but definitely prefers the window seat.  She travels with her nose over the side, ears pricked, enjoying the changing view and all the visual stimulation that travelling in a raised lookout seat can give a smart little dog.  The drive to one of our favourite daily walks takes 10-15 minutes. Using a lookout seat makes this a really positive, interesting experience for her.  Much nicer than being shoved in a dark crate for the journey there and back! I never see her curl up and sleep, even after a big walk.  She makes the most of every minute of her doggie car travel.

Why this dog owner loves dog lookout seats too!

I couldn’t imagine long journeys without the booster seats – it suits me and my little pack perfectly.  Of course, they are always clipped safely into travel harnesses –  I use the Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced dog Car harness to keep my little babies safe. I find this one of the most comfortable car harnesses, especially for smaller dogs. Most car harnesses are quite heavy with bulky chest plates and that is no fun for our precious babies, especially the smaller doggies – My little gang can watch the world wizz by, in comfort and most importantly they are calm – bliss!  To be honest, I love the fact that they are up at chatting level. They can see me and I can talk to them.  I know if they are happy, and I can get their attention easily if anything kicks off – those of you who are Chihuahua owners will know what I mean!

And what’s more, when we stay with family and friends, the boosters come out of the car and become familiar cosy dog beds. Easy peasy!

Photography is not my forte as I’m sure you have gathered! A friend of mine has promised to take some pics for me, so as soon as that happens I will replace these. In the meantime, at least you can see my little pack 🙂








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