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Doggy Bag

 These great Microfibre Doggy Drying Bags! Yours Magazine Review! Consumer testing panel see what they say! Friday, 14 November 2014 Yours Verdict Our tester loved how quickly this clever towel dried and cleaned her dog What they say it does… With the Microfibre super absorbent Doggy Bag […]

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Travelling is great with my new Snoozer Dog Car Booster Seat

Travelling is great with my new Snoozer Dog Car Booster Seat Hi my name is Bonnie! I am a very cute – or so I’ve been told – I’m a 2 year old girl Puggle who loves to go walking, running, swimming and I also enjoy lots […]

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Snoozer Lookout Pet Car Booster Seats

I was looking for a safe and comfortable way for my little dog Bonnie to travel and to be able to see out of the window. I do quite a lot of motorway driving and hated the fact that she was shut inside a crate and unable […]

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Motorway travelling safe walks for dogs

Motorway driving can be long, tiring and boring especially for your dog. So why not take a break, stretch your legs and give yourself, your family and your dog some exercise. How many times have I driven up and down the motorway with both my dog and […]

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Dog friendly holidays

Our dogs are a part of our family and none of us want to leave them behind with friends or in kennels while we go off on our holidays. We love whenever possible to take them along with us so they too can enjoy and share the [...]Read more

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