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Dogs Hi-Vis Coat/Jacket

Hi-Viz Dog Coats/Jackets

These fabulous Hi-Viz dog coats are excellent quality and very reasonably priced.

I have tried many makes of dog Coats/Jackets for my little dog and the Annrees range are up there with the best.

We sell the Hi-Viz dog coats, waterproof dog coats, and luxury towelling dog coats, all of which are made to order so you are going to get the best fit possible for your dog be it a Pug or a Greyhound.

This review will be talking about the Hi-Viz dog coat in particular, the other styles I will also review later.

Bonnie modelling her New Hi-Viz Dog Jacket, how smart do I look!

My little dog Bonnie has been wearing her high visibility jacket now all winter, as not only is it Hi-Vis but lovely and warm.
It combines the high visibility with a warm Moleskin lining, and you have an option of a 2” padding or none.
Being a Puggle – part Beagle – Bonnie loves to go to the woods were nose down she is off tracking, she is a good dog and her re-call is excellent, she returns quite happily when called.
But that said we still have our anxious moments if she can’t be spotted instantly.

This dog track jacket/coat is fantastic and she positively glows even on the dullest and wettest of days. These dog jackets have high visibility in daylight and are reflective at night.
Due to work quite often it is starting to get dark by the time we manage to go for her walk and it’s always reassuring to know that where ever she wanders we can spot her in her bright glowing dog coat!

The other great thing about this dog coat/jacket is that it has a high resistance to scratches and tears – good news if your dog like mine charges through the woods at a rate of knots totally unaware of brambles thorns and other sharp spikey objects.

These Hi-Viz dog coats/jackets are superb quality and you dog can be spotted in the dullest of conditions.

The double velcro fastening at chest – does not come undone and so the dog coat will hold fast whatever your dog gets up to.
It has cross straps in Nylon webbing that connect from leading point on one side to rearward point on other side – crossing under belly to prevent unwanted movement, keeping the dog jacket in place.

These hand stitched dog jackets are extremely well made, hardwearing and comfortable for your dog to wear, keeping your dog not only safe but dry and warm, even Bonnie who has a history of hiding when the dog jacket comes out quite happily sits there ready to be fitted.

I cannot praise the quality of these dog jackets enough they really are the dogs biscuits! Take a peek by clicking here!

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