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Fleece Dog Harnesses, soft, comfortable, walking harnesses that any dog would love to wear.



TALKING OF DOG HARNESSES… chum Freddie has no problem with harnesses being the laid-back Puggle that he is, but me? –  I’m a Puggle too – I hate ‘em! Put one on me and I could win a sulking-dog competition at Crufts!

But something different has come my way recently and changed all that, it’s the Fleece Dog Harness by XtraDog, it’s unbelievably comfortable to wear.

The soft fleece padded straps don’t cut into me, and yes, we lady-dogs – Princesses – know one or two things about comfort and straps, that’s not to say that you boy-dogs don’t also feel the discomfort of a badly fitting or rubbing harness, you are just a little more reluctant to admit  it.  Afraid of losing your macho image perhaps?

Anyway these soft comfortable Fleece dog Harnesses don’t chaff, rub or annoy, no matter how hard you pull, they have double-layer, wide, soft, fleece V shaped straps for total comfort, Mmmm.

They have side buckles for quick fastening and adjusting side straps to ensure you get just the right fit.

Furthermore they come in a choice of very lickable colours and if you are vain like me you can also get the matching leads.

Now a bit of a bore this, but I have to tell you, that recently I’ve had to do some more ‘training’ as I’ve been a bit wayward of late, you know how it is, desperate to run free – must be the Beagle in me –  and my leader walking at a snail’s pace, yawn!

My new XtraDog Fleece Harness comes usefully fitted with a front and back ‘D’ ring which can be attached to the double ended matching training lead for anti-pull guidance. Attached to both points of my dog harness gives my trainer – mum or dad –  more ‘control’ and they can give me extra ‘guidance’ – yawn – without any discomfort.

I have to say it’s not too bad when you get used to it, and I have learnt that a little bit of patience, slowing down on route to my free runs, are so much more comfortable. So surprisingly despite myself, I find that I am a bit more co-operative.

If  it’s total comfort you want then look no further, these Fleece Dog Harnesses are for you!

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