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Leuchtie LED Dog Safety Collars

Relax and keep your dog safe with these great new collars.

The Leuchtie LED dog collars are manufactured exclusively in Germany using only high quality material

Do you walk your dog in the dark before or after work?

Are you concerned about him/her being seen by yourself or passing cars?

Whether walking at dawn, dusk, in the dark or in a dismal wooded area you won’t have any difficulty spotting your dog wearing this collar.

These LED dog collars are extremely bright with a solid light (no irritating blinking)
•    Batteries last much longer due to electronic control
(up to 25 hours using 2 AAA/micro alkaline or rechargeable batteries)
•    Easy to use – just slip the collar over the dog’s head and it switches on automatically
•    100% waterproof, moisture and dirt resistant, even swimming is no problem
•    Robust and durable design for everyday use in all weathers
•    Simple to clean – just use water
•    Patented stick-bend technology ensuring proper contact
•    Reliable automatic on/off device with micro-sensor
(no wear and tear of switches or contact fatigue from frequent opening)

Dogs are clearly visible during dusk and dawn, over great distances, over several hundreds of metres and from all sides.
This visibility ensures increased safety, especially in situations involving traffic.

Leuchtie LED dog collars are available in three types Leuchtie LED dog collar Plus

Leuchtie LED dog collar Premium

Leuchtie LED dog collar Mini

My Puggle Bonnie always runs free when walking in the countryside and woods, she also likes to run along the beach which is great, but she is a sandy colour and sometimes hard to spot, but not anymore!
This collar makes life far more relaxing, our walks are more enjoyable not having to worry about where she has got herself.

Even walking along the narrow roads through the village on those dark or dusky evenings are no longer a problem, she shines out bright and clear for all to see.

I now have two more additions to the family, two little Chugs and they are also wearing the Leuchtie LED dog collar.

Bonnie has been using her Leuchtie collar for the past 2 years and I just love it, it is all it says on the pack and more!

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