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Leuchtie Luminous LED Dog Collar Review

The Leuchtie LED Luminous Dog Collars

This Luminous Dog Collar was brought to my attention by one of my customers who bought a couple for her two dogs. She was so full of praise for them that I just had to try one for myself.
I purchased one for my little dog Bonnie and I have to say it was everything she had said and more.
It was so simple to use, I just slid it over her head and it automatically lit- up.
When our walk was over I just removed it from my little dog and after 2 minutes it automatically switched off.

It was great!

Bonnie loves to run off lead which isn’t a problem when there is good daylight, but can be a bit worrying as it starts to get dusk or if I’m in a dark wooded area.
On our next trip to the local wood she wore her Leuchtie Luminous dog collar and it was so bright I was in no danger of losing sight of her, I was thrilled.
She can be quite difficult to spot immediately in the wood, even in good day light, because of her colouring she blends in totally with the fallen autumn leaves, but this time she shone out brilliantly from every side.

As a result of the double sealing process, the Leuchtie luminous Dog collars are 100% waterproof, moisture and dirt resistant, even swimming and running on a sandy beach is no problem for this collar. This is great for me as during the winter months we take many walks together on our local beaches and while she is not a great lover of the water, she can get excited when playing with other dogs, and in her excitement she forgets her dislike of cold water and ends up in the sea along with her playmates.

I am planning on taking some photographs of her in her Leuchtie and will post them on this review as soon as I have them ready.

Leuchtie Dog Collars are manufactured exclusively in Germany using only high quality material.

There are 3 models:

The Leauchtie Premium LED Luminous Dog Collar.
The Leuchtie Plus LED Luminous Dog Collar
The Leuchtie Mini LED Luminous Dog Collar

The Leuchtie Premium has twice the luminosity and has the benefit to operate on rechargeable or alkaline batteries, lasting 25 hours!

The Leuchtie Plus LED Luminous Dog Collar using 2 AAA/micro batteries which last up to 100! And once again offers great visibility to help you spot your dog wherever you walk.

Last but not least The Leuchtie Mini LED Luminous Dog Collar helps you keep your eye on your little dog whatever time of day or night. The extremely bright Superflux LEDs ensures great visibility day and night.
Using 2 AAA batteries lasting up to 50 hours!

All Leuchtie models provide extremely bright solid light.

Dogs are clearly visible in dusk and dawn over great distances (several hundreds of metres) from all sides.
This visibility ensures increased safety, especially in situations involving traffic.

They really are a fantastic product!

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