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Motorway travelling safe walks for dogs

Motorway driving can be long, tiring and boring especially for your dog. So why not take a break, stretch your legs and give yourself, your family and your dog some exercise.

How many times have I driven up and down the motorway with both my dog and my grandchildren wondering where we could stop and take a safe walk or have a picnic? I cannot tell you!

I usually end up walking my dog up and down the service station on a lead waiting for her to do her business, and then shuffle her back into the car, normally without results. Not satisfactory for either the dog or myself. How much nicer it would be to take a real break and be able to walk her off lead, safely in beautiful surroundings without the fear and noise of the traffic.

I have found this great site giving all kinds of useful information, motorway walks, Inns and picnic sites etc: Just what I have been looking for, great stops to break up those long and arduous journeys.

…Check out some great walks and picnic sites

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