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Snoozer Lookout Pet Car Booster Seats

I was looking for a safe and comfortable way for my little dog Bonnie to travel and to be able to see out of the window. I do quite a lot of motorway driving and hated the fact that she was shut inside a crate and unable to enjoy the view. She is a reasonably good traveller and only once showed any sign of travel sickness, but was always very subdued and had that sorry for herself expression, not surprising having to sit for a 6-7 hour stint in a crate.

I searched around the internet and eventually found the crème de la crème of dog booster seats, the Snoozer Lookouts.

The Snoozer Lookout dog car booster seats are designed for comfort, durability and security.

I was soon to discover that you could only buy them from America, not good, having to deal with the shipping and having to pay in dollars, all hassle, especially if you found on arrival that it had been damaged in transit, then you have all the trouble of returning, a real drag.

I then had the idea that I can’t be the only person who would like these fabulous car seats for their little dogs, so I decided to import and sell them here in the UK.

The New Snoozer Luxury Lookout 1 Dog Car Booster Seat

I sent for a sample and to my great joy found they were everything that they claimed to be, and more, sheer luxury!
Even the basic Lookout 1 is fantastic and infact this is the one that I use for my Bonnie, she loves it and can’t wait to jump in and go.

I am now the sole distributor here in the UK for Snoozer auto travel products and look forward to spreading the word and seeing many more happy dogs enjoying their safe and comfortable trips out.

There is no assembly needed just unwrap and you’re ready to go!

These dog car seats are made of high density thick foam; the interior is lined with simulated lamb’s wool, soft, snug and extremely cosy.

A very happy and comfortable Duke enjoying his new dog car booster seat, which also doubles up as a very cosy bed.

They have a fully washable liner enabling you to keep everything fresh, clean and odour free.

They sit directly onto either the front or rear seat,  the seat belt strap is placed along the back of the Snoozer seat and then just like a child’s booster seat is clipped in.

Quick and easy!

Used with a car safety harness for complete security.

The Snoozer Pet Car Booster Seat, combined with a crash tested car harness is a safe and enjoyable way for your dog to travel.

How good do I look in my cosy, safe and sensible Snoozer Dog Car Booster Seat. Another happy customer!

Any crash tested dog car harness  can be used with the Snoozer Booster seats.

Always check to make sure that any dog car harness you are considering has undergone crash testing, as there are many on the market today that do not have any testing whatsoever.

Once your best friend is secured into his doggie Booster Seat you can relax and enjoy the trip, safe in the knowledge that your dog is as secure as the other little members of your family and without doubt far more comfortable.

We really enjoy our trips out together now and she loves to watch the world go by, but usually within half an hour she is fast asleep, who can blame her I would be too!

Snoozer Dog Car Booster Seats

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