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Spiffy Dog Air Collar Review, most comfortable dog collar on the market today.




My name is Bonnie and I have just been collared, in the nicest possible way of course!

With an award winning Spiffy Dog Air Collar!

It was recently clipped around my neck and linked to a colour matching extendable Spiffy Dog training lead. I think they make a dishy combination and I don’t mind saying I’m proud to have had my collar felt!

I know that if I get  my Spiffy collar wet it won’t take too long to dry because it is made of a special material Aerospacer.  This material is lightweight, quick drying and breathable and is the only dog collar on the market made from this exceptional material.

The comfort and feel are far better than any previous collar I have worn, no more chaffing or smelling with this breathable stylish dog collar.

It’s so lightweight I hardly know it’s around my neck.

If like me my friends you have a tendency for weight fluctuations then not to worry as this dog collar is quick and easy to adjust.

Also I know if I find some irresistible scents to take a quick roll in – there are so many temptations in the fields, riversides and beaches where I walk – my owner is not too upset because I know, and she knows, that given a quick wash back at base the collar is soon as good as new and available for me to wear again.

So join me my doggie friends and you too can look cool in your very own Spiffy Dog Collar.

Spiffy offer many stylish designs and colours to choose from, also matching leads available.

So go on get yourselves collared with an award winning Spiffy Dog Air Collar.

Spiffy Dog have got it so right with this one. Wuff! Wuff!

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