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Travelling is great with my new Snoozer Dog Car Booster Seat

Travelling is great with my new Snoozer Dog Car Booster Seat

Hi my name is Bonnie!

I am a very cute – or so I’ve been told – I’m a 2 year old girl Puggle who loves to go walking, running, swimming and I also enjoy lots of lovely cuddles.

In fact I just love life!

I live here in Cornwall with my owner mum and dad who totally adore me. I feel that I am a very lucky little dog to be so loved and cared for and also to live in such a great area of the country.

I never want or need to go anywhere else, I have all I desire right here on the doorstep.

There are endless fields and meadows to run and jump around in and beautiful beaches where I meet all my friends and together we play chase and swim, Cornwall has all I need.

But every now and then we travel to the North to visit friends and family, my best doggy friend – some would say boy friend – Freddie lives up there and we have such a good time together it’s worth the long tedious journey up the motorway.

I used to hate travelling as I had to sit in a crate, I couldn’t see out of the window and the journey seemed endless, I used to feel quite sick by the time we reached our destination.

If ever my devoted mum or dad had to slow down or stop suddenly I would be thrown across my crate in a very undignified way and if I was asleep it gave me quite a fright.

That was before I was presented with my very own new dog car seat, the Snoozer Lookout Booster Seat! It’s just fantastic, sheer luxury, so snug and comfortable; I can’t wait to jump into the car these days.

I am so proud to be sitting there in my Snoozer Booster Seat, such luxury being able to see all around me making the journey so much more enjoyable, it’s great fun.

Lots of people smile at me as we drive along, and when we stop at traffic lights I just know that people are admiring me and my new Lookout Booster Seat and other dogs are looking at me with envy.

I feel so much better now about the long journeys along the motorway, in fact I look forward to my trips out in the car.

I am an even happier dog now that I can relax in my cosy Dog Car Booster Seat.

The only problem I have is that it’s so comfortable I can’t stay awake!

Snoozer car booster seat

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